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How To Fix Desktop Computer’s Display Problems

This Tutorial was made after we got a query from a troubled computer user whose desktop computer suddenly stopped displaying information on the Monitor. Quoting The Troubled User, his query goes as thus; “Good Day Sendom Computers, please I’m seriously having an issue with my Desktop Computer, the monitor is not displaying anything and CPU is showing even showing a steady Orange Light… Please HELP ME!! Thanks.”
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A Computer in a good working condition is meant to be displaying a steady Green Light (or even Blue light, depending on the type of Computer in question) which is an indication that both the memory and all CPU components are Okay and good to go. In a situation whereby your Desktop Computer’s LED Indicator is displaying a Blinking Red-light and making a beeping sound, that means there’s a problem with one or more of your Computer’s Component which requires your (or your engineer’s) attention…. But our Goal at Sendom Computers is to train you to become your own computer Engineer and repair your computer by yourself, so, be attentive.
NOTE: Sometimes, your CPU may display a steady Green-light and the monitor might still not display nor pick up any information from the CPU which could be connected to Display issues. This depends on the type of Computer in question.
Being Sure Of The Issue!
First, to determine if your computer is having a display issue, you have to press either the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or the SCROLL LOCK and if any of the Tab displays a bright light on the Indicator that’s on the Tabs, then your computer display is okay and your issue might be related to either the VGA Cable being faulty or the Monitor itself might be having an issue. That means your computer doesn’t have a Display Problem. But, if the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK AND SCROLL LOCK don’t display a bright light on the small indicator that’s on the three Tabs, then your computer is really having a Display Problem and Needs to be fixed…. Read The Fix Below.
Sometimes, the display issue is caused by a faulty/bad RAM, so changing the RAM and replacing it with a working compatible one can fix your Computer display issue and get your computer displaying correctly again.
Watch The Video Below To Learn How To Change Your RAM Yourself:

Oftentimes, a Damaged Power-Pack can cause a computer Display problem making your monitor unable to display information passed through the computer. So, replacing your Power-Pack can be a fix to the issue. Visit a Computer Repair office like ours and order for a Compatible Power-pack, which you’ll then replace your faulty Power-Pack with and get your Monitor displaying again.
Watch The Video Below To Learn How To Change Your Computer’s Power-pack Yourself:

NOTE: If your computer’s Power-pack is faulty, then the processor won’t heat or even heat enough to enable the computer to display information on the Monitor, depending on the type of Computer.
If your monitor doesn’t display information from the Computer on the screen even after Changing your Computer’s RAM and Power-Pack, then there might be other issues. Send in your Queries and Contact US to Help you Troubleshoot and Fix your Desktop Computer’s Display.
Do you encounter any issue with your Computer? Send in your Queries to Us and we will help you resolve it, for FREE!

This Tutorial is a Copyright of Sendom Computers.

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