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Main Reason Why Microsoft Windows OS is Widely Used In Nigeria (With Pictures)

We got a request a few days ago from one of our readers which caught our attention and it goes as thus: Why is Windows OS Popularly used in Nigeria? So we decided to write on that and cover that query extensively. Note that Windows Operating System is widely used all over the world and it’s unarguably the most used OS in the world.
This article covers not only why Windows OS is widely used in Nigeria, but also why it’s widely used all over the World.
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Why is Windows Operating System the Most Used OS in the World?

  • Point 1: User-Friendly Interface: You would agree with me that the Windows Operating System has a very friendly user interface in which every user can easily adapt to and easily run programs. Also, every function and program is laid out on a simple term that can be understood quite well without complexity. To crown it all, whenever you open a Program on Microsoft Windows, many other options are laid out for you and placed on strategic places to enable you easily find and perform the specified functions without being lost.
  • Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 1


  • Point 2: Windows OS Programs comes with Offline Help Tools: Regardless of how user-friendly Windows Operating System is, Windows still found it important to include a special offline help section in every function and program that is built on the OS. Windows even included an offline help section in folders in case anyone encounters an issue or find it difficult to navigate through.
  • That alone made Windows very popular, widely used and the favourite OS for everyone on any intellectual level; be it Basic or Professional.  While starting out, the offline help tool in every section helped me a lot because whenever I encounter an issue at any point, instead of looking for a person who’s already knowledge on it, I read through the help section and gets the issue resolved myself thereby making me learn at a go.
  • Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 2


  • Point 3: Windows OS Was Built With The General-User’s In Mind: When the Windows Operating System was being built, Microsoft had the general-users in mind unlike other operating systems like Linux Operating System which was mainly built for advanced computer professionals and programmers. That is to say, whether you’re using Windows OS for Work or for Personal use, you will find the Operating System very easy to use and adapt to.
  • With the Microsoft Windows OS Help Tool in every function and program, you don’t need to attend a Computer Training School or Academy to be conversant with Computer. While growing up, I became very familiar and knowleged in computers by just practising at home daily and learning how each program and function works using Windows offline help tools. I never attended a Computer Training School.
  • Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 3


  • Point 4: Commonly Found, Cheap and Easy To Install Programs: If you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you need to use a particular program to perform a specific function or run a command and you can’t find that Program pre-installed on your Windows OS Run Computer, you can easily find the programs in any computer accessories store, or even any store that sells Computer-related products like us. I’m very much aware that almost all programs and software’s can be found Online These Days, but, what if you really need a program with the size being 3GB to 6GB; just like PC Games or Video Editing software’s, and you don’t have enough data or even Internet access to download it Online? That’s one of the best times to be a Windows OS user as you can easily find that software in a DVD Disk at a close-by store for as low as 200 Naira depending on your location.
  • Software Installation on Windows Operating Systems Can easily be done by anyone without difficulty as there’s a guide for it. Windows even helps you troubleshoot why a particular program wasn’t able to install and offers you a solution to the issue.
  • Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 4


  • Point 5: Availability of Vital Softwares and Programs: Microsoft developed powerful Softwares and Applications for both office and personal use which are usually pre-installed in Windows Operating Systems on Computers. Powerful Software’s like Microsoft Office which contains Microsoft Excel, MS-Word, MS Groove, MS Publisher, MS Outlook, MS One Note, MS Info path and also a very powerful software that can be used for Video Editing which comes pre-installed on some Windows (Windows XP), and the name of the software is “Windows Movie Maker”.
  •  Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 5


  • Point 6: Favourite Operating System for Software Developers: While Using Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, lots of software’s and applications are easily accessible to you for download and use, and most of those applications are free. Due to how extremely popular and generally acceptable the Windows Operating Systems are, lots of software’s, application and Hardware manufacturers and developers supports the Operating System and develops hardware’s and Software’s that are easily compatible to windows OS.
  •  Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 6


  • Point 7: Windows Operating System Comes Pre-installed on Most Computers: While growing, Microsoft Corporation invested a lot of money and resources into providing help to their operating system users and massive advertisement of the operating system. Microsoft also signed contracts with PC Manufacturers for windows Operating Systems to be pre-installed on every Computer they manufacture before being sold out. With regards to the contract, the personal computer manufacturers began selling out their computers with Windows OS pre-installed on them. Today, computer manufacturers no longer need a contract to pre-install Microsoft Windows OS On their Products as it’s now generally accepted and Computer users are already used to the OS. What other choice do they have?
  • Main Reason Why Windows Operating System is Widely Used In Nigeria - Point 7
  •        Bonus: Microsoft Corporation is usually quick to release fixes to bugs in any part of Windows Operating Systems
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